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Learn Kubernetes | K8s Tutorial for Beginners

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About the Author

An Author, Youtuber, Trainer, DevOps Architect. PR, is passionate into technical trainings and inspiring people to learn and adopt new things. He enjoys learning and sharing his knowledge through Live Classes, Videos, Articles.

About the Tutorial

This tutorial provides a walkthrough of the basics of the Kubernetes cluster orchestration system. This Tutorial let you configure kubernetes cluster and manage containerized application deployments. 

Objective of this Tutorial:

  • Explore Kubernetes Architecture & Components
  • Create Kubernetes Cluster using kubeadm
  • Deploy a containerized application on a cluster.
  • Scale the deployment.
  • Update the containerized application with a new software version.
  • Debug the containerized application.

The tutorials use kubeadm utility to setup and initialize the cluster. We have used kubectl to deploy the controllers, service manifest definition configurations. 

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